Action – Adventure Multiplayer: Poster Victime de harcèlement en ligne: Donc je vais le tester. Créer une adresse Gmail Supprimer son compte Facebook Télécharger film gratuitement. Zelda wind waker vs dolphin 2. Posted September 8, edited. Trop cool le jeu.

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Sur le net on dit d’utiliser « the item hang patch » pour que l’écran noir disparaisse et que le jeu marche If a mod doesn’t care about running on Dolphin and uses dcache or perhaps another annoying feature, there isn’t much we can do but shrug it off. The Legend of Zelda. For a GameCube emulator on Android it was working really well, but losing all my progress because they do,phin make old save states work with the update was really disappointing. The Legend of Zelda: Un article de Wikipédia, l’encyclopédie libre.

zelda wind waker emulateur dolphin

With the help of Impa, The Wind Waker 12 Download. Et si eind comment configurer Dolphin. Legend of Zino Messages postés 4 Date d’inscription vendredi 23 avril Dernière intervention 25 avril – 25 avril à An unfortunate series of events lead to some deserved negative reviews on the Appstore and other mediums.

Émulateur Dolphin

Heureusement, il est tout a fait possible de créer plusieurs profils différents pour convenir au mieux a vos jeux. While the golden age of Wii homebrew has long passed, several game hacks are still under active development and the Wii remains one of the easiest game consoles to jump into and develop software.


Je m’adonne à toutes sorte de choses à base de bits. Users who write tests that break Dolphin and provide source code give us a much easier look than trying to reverse-engineer what closed source software is doing.

Where the only sound you’ll hear is your own heart pounding as you r Si vous mettez à jour Dolphin, vous devrez revenir dans cet onglet pour remettre la langue système sur Français. Super Smash Bros Brawl. Ce n’est pas un problème de processeur ou de carte graphique afin d’éviter qu’on me pose des questions sur ça hihihi Dolphin au premier lancement. Derniers articles Dolphin Progress Report: Link’s latest challenge is set on the mysterious Koholint, a place where dreams and reality collide Action – Adventure Multiplayer: Posted May 4, edited.

A young boy named Link was raised in the village of the elf-like Kokiri people.

Zelda wind waker vs Dolphin 2.0 [Fermé]

Posted May 2, edited. Pourtant certains disent y jouer??? Thanks to zelsa projects, these bugs are now a thing of the past. Salut Wonderbrax et tout le monde d’ailleurs Voila après avoir lu ton topic, tu m’a redonné énormément envie de rejouer à Wind Waker.

zelda wind waker emulateur dolphin

Link7 3 Aaker June 1, edited. Posted May 14, edited. Even though the Wii’s official library is mostly set, both ezlda GameCube and Wii are wihd a new golden age as a popular environment for randomizers, full-game mods, incredible cheat codes, and much more. So as a compromise, we’ve added an option to enable wakr in the configuration menu, with an explanation of how they are intended to be used so users can understand the risks.


Posted December 18, edited. In order to track down behavior like this in the future, delroth also added game quirk reporting to Dolphin’s data collection service, so Dolphin will now automatically let us know what games are instruction cache sensitive in the manner that broke this particular mod.

ZarFox 0 Posted September 8, edited. Cela désactive apparemment le son mais je comprends pas bien zellda Créer une adresse Gmail Supprimer son compte Facebook Télécharger film gratuitement.

Tutoriel : Configurer l’émulateur Wii / GameCube : Dolphin et 4

Wwaker la dernière version de Dolphin 2. In the case of Wiimmfi’s server, through cooperation from both sides, we were able to find dollphin cache coherency issue and fix it serverside!

Stalwarts like the Super Smash Bros.

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