The designs are not dissimi- lar in style — mostly geometric and monolinear. The Arabic script is often associated with Arabisation and Islam, which raises either criticism or support depending on the provenance of the appraisal. Ce fichier n’est pas catégorisé. A unique type of ephemera — in the most extreme meaning of that word one could imagine — is the Tuareg custom of writing on the sand. The Tiinagh alphabet falls into this category, as it matches precisely these characteristics.

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Aghali-Zakara reports that numbers are plete the letters of the Tiinagh block. The irst decade of the 21st century is probably the most inlu- ential regarding the development of digital fonts for Tiinagh and its consolidation as the script for the Amazigh language. As for its italics, they are not just slant- ed, but also tofinagh according to the principles of cursiveness studied. Imprimerie Nationale, 2nd edition Imprimerie Nationale. In fact, this is a common feature in early scripts produced with this technique.

British Library Figure 2. With a few exceptions, widths tend to be more consistent than in capital letters. Amazigh speakers tont not use area. They might vary in width depending on the script, period or style but, in terms of their height, all the letterforms are fong and are set aligned both at the base and at tifingh top, resulting in uniform lines that hinder readabil- ity in tifnagh texts Figures 5. As a result, in Septemberthe irst schools hosted Amazigh and the Fnot script for the irst time in the his- tory of the Moroccan educational system Boukous The irst attempts to devel- op a set of minuscule letterforms are remarkable, as are the earliest experiments with serifs that show the dificulties in their applica- tion in certain characters Figures 4.

ircam font tifinagh

Genesis — Psalmi produced in the monastery of St Martin, Tours. Ajouter le widget Google Plus followers pour Blogger. They certainly are not examples of a scribal tradition but might be helpful for seeing the inluence of handwriting on the letterforms.


ircam font tifinagh

The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Tfinagh that might be due to omission of superluous details, merging of close parts or skeleton simpliication. These additions are encoded within the Pri- vate Use Areas of Unicode, a range of unassigned code points whose deinition is left to private agree- ment.


Apart from the standard Tii- nagh, it comprises the Nko, Vai, and Osmanya writing systems as well as a Latin set tifniagh additional diacritical marks used in lan- guages throughout Africa including Latin for Amazigh.

Other signiicant factors of change are consequently, the emergence of bicameralism.

The British Library Camps, G. The Story of Writing. In any case, these machines were quickly superseded by the irst digital fonts available a few years later. These changes affect not only the design of the characters but also the underlying principles of the writing system —like the addition of fong for instance — and could be deined as systemic Salomon That means that every language using a bicameral script has a set of rules for capitalisation that, as likely as not, differ from each other.

Lenguas, identidades y discursos en Marruecos: Roubaix France Knight, Stan. Class 6 Oulamara and Duvernoy An introduction to the alphabet, its origin and development, details of the current standardised version, and an analysis of its morphology tifijagh help the reader become familiar with it and provide the necessary background to fully understand the following chapters.

In its char- acter set, the standard Tiinagh is properly encoded but, besides that, it includes an extraordinary amount of alternate characters and ligatures that allow setting text in most Amazigh variants. Un- like hierarchy schemes, capitalisation entered the realm of gram- mar. Lowercase formation Unlike the proposal for a cursive Fot, when it comes to the development of the lowercase, the focus shifts towards reading.


Telecharger installer et ecrire avec police Tifinagh (Amazigh)

Audio Tifinagu Batch Converter is a convenient, powerful, and configurable audio converter application for tlfinagh among nearly all popular audio formats.

An fobt writing orientation — extremely rare among the writing systems of the world — is very common in these inscrip- tions. Writing speed, if not always explicit, is implied in any of the countless charts or diagrams that attempt to illustrate the evolution of the Latin script from majuscules to minuscules Figure 5.

Whenever they are used, they aim at emphasis and prominence. Signiicantly, the typefaces most used in all these examples are the Tiinagh Ircam Unicode or similarly geometric monolinear de- signs, which gives an idea of what Moroccan authors and publish- ers regard as Tiinagh. Please link images File: Many other writing systems do not make this difference between upper- and lowercase letters, as is the current situation with Tiinagh. Sharqiyyât, De berberse literaire en orale traditie van de Sous Zuid Marokko.

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In early inscrip- tions it might be found arranged horizontally — either from left to right or from right to left; vertically — bottom to top or top to bot- tom; or even in boustrophedon, circle or spiral Figures 2.

Notes pour servir a un essai de grammaire touaregue. These and teach the script to children, as well as to facilitate and encourage other concerns were raised there by specialists its general use, was a recurrent claim.

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